Hello ASHE Southwest Penn Members,

Many of you have heard it stated that, “The ASHE Southwest Penn Section is the very best ASHE group.”  I believe that this is true because it has always been a real joy and just plain fun to gather with our section members for a wonderful meal and best of all, see and talk with the nicest people in our industry.  As a whole, the members of the ASHE Southwest Penn Section embody the reason that ASHE exists--“The mission of the American Society of Highway Engineers is to provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system through education, innovation and fellowship.”  

Lead By Example

Each of us has talents which we can share with others.  A very inspirational person who I have had the good fortune of working with is Dr. Kevin Elko.  Kevin is a local native from Brownsville, Fayette County, PA.  Kevin is a positive example, and he can help all each of us to lead by example.  I would encourage each one of you to sign-up for his “Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration.”  This week is entitled “Be Where Your Feet Are.”  Here is the link: https://www.drelko.com/inspiration

ASHE Southwest Penn 2020-2021

It is a humbling experience for me to be afforded the responsibility to serve as your Section President.  So many fantastic leaders have been in this role and have contributed to helping our group being successful.  I promise that I will work hard for you and do my best to advance our ASHE Southwest Penn Section.  

We have a talented Executive Board and dedicated Committee members.  The upcoming year will provide each of you many good opportunities to stay involved.  Ken Shimko, Vice President, will be leading the selection of our program speakers and meeting format (virtual or in-person).  Stay tuned for an interesting year with the ASHE Southwest Penn section.  

As we continue to do our work under the remote work setting guidance, we are challenged to stay connected to our peers and professional colleagues.  Many of us have discovered a new work-life balance which involves more family time and fewer distractions from things which we cannot control, and we can do without.  It is my hope that while we are remote from our standard ASHE meetings, our ASHE section can continue to stay meaningfully connected to existing members and reach an even wider network of more of our peers who will join our ASHE Southwest Penn Section.  Will you bring a new member to our ASHE Southwest Penn section?    

Thank you for your support and involvement in ASHE Southwest Penn. I would like to ask each one of you for your continued guidance to help our ASHE section succeed and remain meaningful. 

Feel free to contact me anytime at Stephen.wiedemer@mbakerintl.com or @ 412-926-3224.

Kind regards,
Steve Wiedemer

ASHE Southwest Penn

"Life is a Highway"

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